Do Your Own Caravan or Motorhome Habitation Check


Whether it's a motorhome, a caravan or a self-built camper van, this essential book will enable leisure vehicle owners to carry out their own comprehensive habitation checks to ensure that the living area of their caravan or motorhome is safe for themselves and other occupants.

Seasoned recreational vehicle owners, complete novices who are new to the world of caravans and motorhomes, or self-build enthusiasts planning to start work on their first project will find this book to be an invaluable guide and constant companion. Following the detailed, well-illustrated instructions will ensure that problems and potential problems are identified early, not only saving money and unnecessary inconvenience, but also providing essential information on how the different systems of a leisure vehicle function. Bearing in mind the cost of a professional motorhome habitation check, this book could save owners a lot of money!

Compiled by National Caravan Council (NCC) Motorhome Service Award holder the comprehensive sections in this book cover checks and servicing advice for electrical systems, gas systems, water systems, water ingress (damp), ventilation, and much more. You’ll find information on liquid petroleum gas (LPG), plumbing systems, electrical hook-ups (EHU), sanitary systems, batteries – everything that you need to know to undertake you own checks simply, safely, and effectively.

Do your own caravan or motorhome habitation check

Do your own caravan or motorhome habitation check

Stay safe, save money! Do your own annual caravan and motorhome vehicle electrical, gas, water systems and damp testing with this complete D-I-Y guide.

Veloce Publishing: Author Keith Shephard.

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